When recipients add their digital credentials to their LinkedIn profile, the credential ID that is synced over from Accredible to LinkedIn is Accredible’s credential ID. Cloudinary would like the ability to sync over their Cloudinary credential license ID instead of Accredible’s credential ID. By syncing Cloudinary’s credential license ID, they can include a string of characters to their credential license ID, such as “cldpartner-” and make it easier for them to search for recipients who have added their credential to their LinkedIn profile. For instance, recipients’ credential license ID could be “cldpartner-000001”, “cldpartner-000002”, “cldpartner-000003”, etc. Then, Cloudinary will be able to search for recipients who have added their credentials to their LinkedIn profile by searching for “cldpartner-”.
Cloudinary has been able to do this in the past by appending “cldacad-” to the beginning of their credentials with their previous digital credential vendor. When Cloudinary searches for "cldacad-", they see a list of users who have added a Cloudinary credential to their LinkedIn profile and helps them see how recipients are engaging with their credentials.
This feature request is extremely important so that Cloudinary can easily find recipients on LinkedIn, and show proof to their SLT that their recipients are using their digital credentials. Ultimately, Cloudinary would like to easily prove that they are seeing a return of investment from Accredible and not solely rely on reports from their Accredible dashboard.