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Team Members functionality
Feature request relating to team member functionality submitted by ACAMS: There will be 2 Custom Roles and should have the same access with the exceptions stated below on 1A Access to all (2 at present) Departments Access to all groups Access to view/edit (but not to delete) recipients/credential at individual and bulk levels Since “Update Credentials” is located in Group Settings, allow to custom role users to access Group Settings but disable all other functions besides “Update Credentials” and “View Credentials” e.g., Create Credentials, Info & Appearance, General Settings, Visibility, Job Market Security, Blockchain Security, Advanced Settings, etc. See Custom Role 1 Disable access to “Create Credentials, Clone Group, Delete Group, Skills” etc. 1A - Custom Role 1 and 2 differences For Custom Role 1: Disable access to “Publish, Expire, Delete, Move Credentials” etc. For Custom Role 2: Disable access to “Delete, Move Credentials, Create” etc. – the ability to “Publish” and “Expire” is active Filters remain as is for both Roles. Goal The goal is to create (2) custom roles and disable the deletion options for groups/credentials, as well as blocking access to any system/marketing options. Colleagues responsible for correcting names/emails must not have the access to perform other actions (besides Custom Role 2 which is able to publish/expire credentials). Note – We should be able to grant or restrict additional access to these role if needed down the road.
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