ISA would like the ability for directory viewers to search by recipient ID. The recipient ID is currently populated within the Accredible platform, and is a unique ID for each ISA credential holder. Even though ISA could add a custom attribute for recipients to manually add their credential ID, it is prone to human error, and can cause issues when a directory viewer is trying to verify an ISA credential.
Currently, the only options to select under Displayed Search Criteria is Member Name, Credential, Location, Skills, and Availability. While these fields are helpful, there are many other ways that a directory viewer may want to search for a recipient/credential, such as by recipient ID or credential ID. By improving the search functionality on the Spotlight Directory by allowing issuers to select attributes that are already populated within Accredible, it will make it easier and quicker for a viewer to verify an individual's credential/membership, reduce the need for the credential holder to update their profile, and decrease the risk of incorrect data on the directory.